Heritage Festival in Quang Nam 5th, 2013
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Heritage Festival in Quang Nam 5th, 2013

Heritage Festival inQuang Nam 5th-2013 will be officially opened at 8PM on Jun. 22. As well as previous festivals, the main space of Quang Nam Heritage Festival's activities are Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary.
Quang Nam

In this festival, Quang Nam introduces new tourism products, so the space of the festival is expanded to Tam Ky city ( Tam Thanh beach), Phu Ninh district (bath in Phu Ninh Lake), Dien Ban district ( Triem Tay - rural ecotourism), Nam Giang district (Ho Chi Minh Trail, Zara weaving village, Grang waterfall), Dong Giang district (Bho Hoong village, ?ho Roong village).

That will create opportunity for new tourism products of Quang Nam are widely promoted and put into operation in the future.

The festival has the presence of nearly 500 artists of 15 international choral societies from 7 countries and regions (America, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam). The art troupes from 8 ASEAN countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia) and South Korea's Osan city will perform at the art show in the festival.

The Miss contestants, the choral societies, domestic and international art groups will parade and perform art from the Hoai River Square, then pass the streets of Hoi An ancient town and converge in Hoi An Theatre to attend to the opening ceremony. Carnaval will be colorful with traditional costumes of the countries and local that will bring the jubilant atmosphere for the festival before opening.

22 provinces and cities own cultural and natural heritages which are typical of Vietnam will focus on "Space Heritage Vietnam - ASEAN" from Jun. 21 to Jun. 26. The exhibition is arranged along the Hoai River with 22 house to present images, artifacts, local specialties and typical image of cultural and natural heritage of the ASEAN countries.

Quang Nam

The exhibition space will take place the art programs of the ASEAN arts groups and represent for cultural areas of Vietnam in the evening of Jun.23 and Jun.24. In particular, there will have boats with many kinds of Vietnam's folk songs every night on Hoai river.

Traveling to Quang Nam, visitors not only enjoy the comfort but also experience the life and culture of the people through community tourism. The image of farmers in Tra Que vegetable village, Tra Nhieu fishing village, Bho Hoong village,etc have left the impression for visitor.

Source: aroundvn.com
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