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(Hon Ong Island , Nha Trang City , Vietnam)

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Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang is truly a solitude and serene escape in a secluded island, where you can unwind yourself under the canopy of coconut trees, you can spend your leisure time by observing limpid water or getting indulged in numerous activities-undoubtedly, such things are very much exciting for vacationers. Experience all such excitements at Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang on your trip to Vietnam. Board here and enjoy your getaway in the lap of nature.


The hotel Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang is conveniently located and it can be accessed from the various parts of Vietnam. The resort is situated at 60 KM north of Nha Trang. The nearest airport is Cam Rahn Airport, from where travelers can easily reach the resort by car. Besides, by train and bus, travelers can also come to the resort without any hassle.


Room Facilities at Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang is one of the reasons behind the growing popularity of the hotel edgin past the other three star hotels in Vietnam. The world class Room Facilities at Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang tempts people from different corners of the world to come and stay at the hotel.
There is a large variety of rooms at the hotel to suit different tastes and requirements. The resort houses 23 traditional bungalows which are made of bamboo and are the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of the azure sea. Travelers are provided with a number of brilliant room amenities at the Whale Island Resort at an affordable price.
Rooms at the hotel are furnished with single and double beds with mosquito nets to protect the guests from the mosquitoes. Apart from this, each room has a shower room which is provided with sink and toilet. These facilities at the Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang provide the guests with maximum comfort and leisure amidst the natural wonders.
There are also 5 economic rooms at the hotel which are suitable for backpack and budget traveling groups. These rooms are available at a special price. All rooms at the hotel are equipped with contemporary facilities to make the guests feel cared off even when they are miles away from their homes. The wide ranging room facilities will surely win your hearts and compel you to return to the hotel time and again.
So, pack your bag and set off for your enchanting tour to Nha Trang to enjoy the rendezvous with nature. While at Nha Trang, come directly to Whale Island Resort which boasts of room facilities which have been applauded by all the travelers who have stayed at the hotel.

Facilities and services

With amazing facilities and services, the resort won't let you stay away from modern comfort during your secluded getaway. The attentive hospitality of the resort can meet your requirement at anytime. Dining facility here is also mind-boggling. Enjoy various sumptuous sea foods including fresh swordfish, barracuda, grouper, tuna, crab, shrimps, selfish. Even more, the hotel offers a chance to taste famous Vietnamese cuisines too. At the same time, do remember that vegetarian dishes are also available here on request. Come to the terrace of the bar and behold the spectacular view of the sunset along with your favorite drink. And undoubtedly, by boarding at the hotel, guests can also involve in various hair-raising activities including boating, diving, wildlife excursions and many more.
Hotel Amenities and Services at Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang are something which lures travelers from all across the world. 30 minutes from the heart of Nha Trang, travelers will enjoy a comforting and relaxation stay at the hotel.

Dining Facilities

Onsite services at Whale Island Resort include sumptuous dining facilities. Travelers are provided with an unforgettable dining experience at the hotel. The mouthwatering dishes served are prepared from the fresh swordfish, barracuda, grouper, tuna, crab, shrimps and shellfish which are delivered by the local fishermen. Not only this, while staying at the hotel, you can sample the best of the Vietnamese cuisines. The menu at the hotel is changed every day to bring to the guests a variety of tastes. If you are a vegetarian, you need not worry, the hotel provides the guests with vegetarian dishes on request.

Fitness and Recreational

Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang also features recreational facilities which tourists can enjoy while staying at the hotel. Whale Island Resort also offers the guests the opportunity of passing their leisure time by taking part in a number of water sport activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and diving. Diving enthusiasts can enroll themselves for special classes at the PADI diving School and learn the tricks of the trade. You can venture down the nearest enchanting beach at the crack of dawn to enjoy an unforgettable sight of the rising sun. At the end of the day you can also enjoy the sight of setting sun during which the nature appears to be soaked in the red hue.

Other Amenities and Services

If you wish to enjoy these Hotel Amenities and Services at Whale Island Resort in Nha Trang, just pack up and embark on your enchanting journey to Nha Trang and have a gala time. Some other hotel amenities present at the hotel for the convenience of the guests are currency exchange facilities, laundry services, doctor on call services, travel and tour arrangement desk, safe deposit boxes and many more.

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