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Kien An Tourist Area
In the city, in the middle of noisy urban area, it takes 10 minutes by vehicle to come to entirely quite air that was created by beauties of mountains, lake, water... Kien An becomes fully attracting ecological tourist area, many interesting things for domestic and foreign tourists. Kien An is an unique district of Hai Phong that nature gave special treatment of having urban area, lowland, forest, mountain, originally lake. This place has the form of a dreamy Da Lat with ideal conditions about climate as well as mountain, river shapes. Kien An is famous of innumberable hill and mountain community with the highest - Thien Van mountain.
Phu Lien observatory is at the top of the mountain, built with French architechture in year 1902. The observatory has optical astronomical telescope, weather radar with operation scale of 500km. The historical observatory has a decate to exist, not only being science researching base but also attracting tourist location.
It could be said that the observatory is one of symbols, pride of Kien An people. From the top of comfortable and easy-climbing high mountain, tourist could has eyesight to look big area of Hai Phong city, if the sky is good, tourist could see clearly Do So and Cat Ba. In very beautiful natural landscape like losing in a desert island, tourist could climb mountain, walk next to immensely high straight pine lines, great ancient tree and contemplate whole superb mountain landscape with colourful unique forest. There are especially hundreds kinds of bird with volume of thousands of ones that chooses Dau Dong mountain to be living place, they gather to be herd to hover around whole-day protected area. This embellishes supernatural, illusory legends, being a pleasure to the eye when tourist have chance to come and research this good land.
Uncommonly, in the internal area of the city naming Red Flamboyant, not only next to noisy urban city, but also Dau Dong mountain still keeps quite, so in 4 seasons Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter , there are more bird herd gathering, contributing to dreamy peaceful beauty of Kien An tourist picture.
Not everybody knows that Kien An has many geographical names in historical book such as: Phu Lien observatory, Cot Co mountain, Kha Lam mountain, Dau Son mountain, Dau Dong, Yen Ngua hill... and architectural community including communal house, temple, pagoda built for long time ago. Many temples, pagoda were recognized to be cultural historial relics by the Administration, attracting many tourists to Kien An.
In recent years, mainly set up, tourist sector was recognized to be significant sentimental economic one in Kien An, so there have been many positive actions in order to preserve and take advantage of unique beauties that nature gives. Thien Van mountain has opened the direction to develop construction of tourist urban Kien An. In year 2001, the city approved observatory forest park project and so far it?s been completed in many item, making area of 115 ha to be new-fangled entertainmental and relaxing cultural ecological tourist area. This is ecological, cultural, sport and tourist area, being sightseeing and science research location, very attracting entertainmental area. There are waterfall, telpher, rail-track cars, crocodile lake, water palace, especially botanical garden with over 200 bird kinds, bird garden with ten of thounsands of over 100 different bird kinds.
In this year 2007, Kien An keeps organizing 47-year Uncle Ho?s visiting ceremony in 1 week from February 25, 2007 with the strive to strengthen tourist economic development. From year 2004 so far, Kien An has organized imposingly Thien Van mountain festival with many attracting and vivid actions such as: exchange, singing party with tourists via camping, eating and drinking, many festivals of cultural villages, many folk games such people chess, bridge, stilt order to advertise widely, attract tourists everywhere about tourist potential of Kien An and that Kien An has annually received 40 thounsand tourists visiting and enjoying services.
The spring has come in roads, mild fat soil in Kien An, hoping that, with continuously developing strive of whole Party, military, people of the district, in this new year, Dinh Hoi 2007, the district keeps achieving stability about politics, strength about economy and tourist coming to a new interesting page.
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