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Ban Gioc Wateralls
The famous waterfalls of Ban Gioc in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District near the Sino-Vietnamese frontier impresses visitors with its picturesque scenery that has yet to be impacted by the human beings. The Ban Gioc Waterfalls are located more than 20km northeast of Trung Khanh which is about 65 km to from Cao Bang Town .
It is said that the waterfall is a precious gift that the Nature bestowed to Cao Bang, a border province that still lacks entertainment venues and quality services to serve its visitors.
The site has recently become popular to European tourists, particularly those from France, Germany and the Netherlands, who are fond of discovering the beauty of nature and the life of ethnic minority people in northern mountain provinces of Vietnam.
Ban Gioc falls from the height of 30 meters descending on many limestone steps. In the middle of the fall stands a large rock coated with plants that divides the fall into three water flows.
From distance, the fall looks like three dazzling white silk bands descending softly and blending with the green of the mountain and forest.
Water flows down from the peak, makes up a curtain of water-drops to splash to the visitors. On summer hot days, it's freshening here and at sunrise everyday, there seems to be a rainbow glistening in colors.
The first thing you notice is the cooler fresh air followed by the mist and spray thrown in all directions by the fall. The echo of the falls can be heard kilometers away from Trung Khanh.
Not far from the foot of the waterfall is an opposite scenery. Here you see a river with calm surface and clear water. Along the riverbanks are grasslands and greenery forests.
When the evening has set in, visitors can see herds of cows and buffaloes grazing in the nearby region or images of young ethnic men poling bamboo rafts on the river.
Visitors can try taking a raft for a trip on the river. Visitors to Ban Gioc also have a chance to indulge in tranquility and fresh atmosphere.
After a trek, visitors can make another excursion to the nearby Nguom Ngao Cave, which stretches along three kilometers. At night, visitors can stay at minihotels in Cao Bang Municipality that are not luxury but provide guests with essential comforts as electricity, hot water and telephone.
Ban Gioc is an interesting destination that brings guests impressions and is different from other well-known tourist sites such as Ha Long Bay or the ancient town of Hoi An. Visitors to the fall in autumn are opportune to try Trung Khanh chestnuts, a local specialty. More and more tourists turn their hearts and minds to the scene every year.
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