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Phu Sa Dok Bua National Park
Around 50 years ago, the area now covered by this fractured national park was a region of influence for communist insurgents who took advantage of the then heavy forest cover and isolation to consolidate their position. It was considered to be one of the first communist strongholds in northeast Thailand.
The title of the park, ?Mountain of the lotus flower basins? comes from two to three metre deep natural basins which hold lotus flowers. These can be visited from the park office although they are about a five kilometre walk away.
Closer to the office are a selection of prehistoric paintings which are estimated to be 2,000 to 3,000 years old and are scattered over the Phu Pha Taem cliff face about 1km north of headquarters. The paintings are not as impressive as those at Pha Taem in Ubon Ratchathani.
You can also view sunset from Phu Pha Hom (fragrant cliffs) just as the insurgents of the now defunct communist party used to, however as the cliff is around 4km away means that you?ll get to camp out like they did too.
Phu Sa Dok Bua is not an easy park to reach. From Mukdahan you need to catch a regular songtheaw to Don Tan (33km away) from where it is another 25km down route 2277 till you reach the park turnoff, which is not signposted in English! From the turnoff it is another 1km to the park office.
There is no regular transport from Don Tan to the park. The best method is to charter a songtheaw from Mukdahan for 350B to 400B depending on your bargaining ability. Basic accommodation is available although there are no catering facilities so you will need to walk to the closest village to eat.
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