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Khao Kradong Park
Khao Kradong Park is on Khao Kradong which is an extinct volcano. The mouth of the volcano is now a small pool which has water throughout the year. About 6 km. from the city on the Buriram - Prakhon Chai Road, the park can be reached via 2 ways which are by car on a concrete road lined with Buddha images in various postures and by a stairway which climbs to a level of 265 meters above sea level. On the mountain top sits Phra Suphatbophit, a large image sacred to the Buriram people. Adjacent to it is an ancient pagoda which houses a replica of Lord Buddha's footprint.
The park is under the supervision of the Wildlife Conservation Office of the Royal Forestry Department. Buriram Provincial Authorities have developed it into a major tourist spot by conserving nature and the environment in pristine condition. Numerous tourists come here on weekends.

Kradong Reservoir
Kradong Reservoir is in front of Kradong Mountain. A road on the left of Khao Kradong takes visitors to Bunyanusat Scouts Camp and a zoo. The place is ideal for relaxation and picnics. The reservoir offers a magnificent view of the Phra Suphatthara Bophit Buddha image stop Khao Kradong. A replica of the Holy Footprint is also placed here.

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