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Ramkhamhaeng National Museum
This museum is located in the Sukhothai Historical Park area. This museum is one of the Regional Museums of the fine Arts Department which was built in the historical site of Sukhothai's era, in the year 1960.
The art objects and antiques displayed in Ramkhamhaeng National Museum would mostly be those of the Sukhothai style collected by the Department of Fine Arts renovative and restorative excavation of ancient remains in the area of the old town of Sukhothai since 1953 and part of them obtained from the areas of the neighboring ancient towns like the Town of Sisatchanalai, Kampaeng Phet, Phetchabun and Phichit, another part of them being those given by Phra Ratchaprasitthikhun, a former abbot of Ratchathani Temple and Chief Abbot Sukhothai Province and the People. The art objects and antiques displayed are inscription stones of the Sukhothai age, Sangkhalok crockery, Buddha Images of various styles, molded Buddha images obtained from the excavations of ancient remains, idols and ancient weapons.
At the initial stage display the general form was arranged by dividing the displays into the sculpture and miscellaneous groups and some changes were maded when additional art object and antiques were received from time to time.
In 1984, the government held celebration events of the 700th annivesary of Lai Sue Thai, the Thai letters of the alphabet, in both Bangkok and Sukhothai Province. So Ramkamhaeng National Museum improved the display of its art objects and antiques on this occasion with a style of display that mainly emphasized art objects and antiques at archaeological sources so as to inform which objects had been found from the ancient remains already surveyed and excavated, how they were related with one another, from which source they had received influence, which beliefs they were connected with, so as to provide visitors with an approach to studying and researching.
Lai Sue Thai Memorial building is a single-floor twin building. Its rooms are arranged with displays showing stories about the various aspects of the Town of Sukhothai from the times before the establishment of the Kingdom of Sukhothai up to the development of the Town of Sukhothai into a historical park. In addition to this, there are within the building rooms for meetings, seminars and special lectures; there are a tourist service section and a book and souvenir selling place.
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