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Mae Yom National Park
The Mae Yom National Park is in Song district 48 kilometres from town. The terrain is mountainous with deciduous and rich teak forests, probably the densest in the country. Along the Yom River in front of the camping area of the park are the Kaeng Sua Ten rapids, a two-kilometre-long stretch of rock formations and best visited during November-February when the weather is cool and the scenery at its loveliest. Visitors may camp along the river banks.

Dong Sak Ngam
Dong Sak Ngam looks like a group of teak densely gown up along the Yom River's side in the area of Mae Pung and Mae Pao Conservative National Parks. Teak grown up here is big, tall and beautiful. During October-November, you will face with shadiness and bright yellow teak flowers. Dong Sak Ngam is 6 Km. away from the office of the park.

Kaeng Sua Ten
Kaeng Sua Ten is a natural isle in Yom River with 4 Km. in length. The name Kaeng Sua Ten was given after a natural stone (on the isle) that bore footprints of a tiger. There are beaches around Kaeng Sua The, which are suitable for tent camping. This isle is located in front of the park office.

Lom Dong
Lom Dong is a big natural water source, of which the diameter is about 100 m., located on a high mount, containing water the through year. It was supposed to be a hollowed ground of that area and has become the water source for the wild animals. Lom Dong is about 10 Km. away from the Headquarters.

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