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Namtok Mae Surin National Park
Located east of the provincial capital of Mae Hong Son this National Park occupies 397.00 square kilometers of rugged terrain. In a step to preserve representative natural features of this mountainous province, the park was established in 1981 as the 37th National Park of Thailand. The park contains some of the more dominant peaks of the Thanon Tongchai mountain range with elevations varying between 300m. and 1700m. above sea level. These highlands give birth to numerous streams and small rivers which are important tributaries of the Pai river, the main river of this region.

Doi Pui
At 1,700 m. is the highest peak in the park and affords commanding views of the surrounding countryside. Its high altitude contains unique upland pine and the peak is covered in meadows of wildflowers which bloom during the hot season. As of now, Doi Pui is not easily accessible, but those interested in a rigorous hike can contact guides in Mae Hong Son for information.

Mae Surin Watterfall
Comprised of a single jet of water leaping off a cliff face plunging gracefully to the rocks 100m. below ,Mae Surin waterfall is one of the tallest and most beautiful single tier waterfalls in Thailand. The falls can be viewed from on high across the valley, or the more robust cab descend down below for a closer look. Travelling to the waterfall visitors will pass Karen and Hmong hill tribe villages as well as the famous Toong Buat Tong, or fields of wild sunflowers, which bloom for two weeks only in the month of November.

Nam Hu Hai Jai Cave
Strangely it is a natural phenomenon, which every 25 minutes, there will be water gushingly jetting out of a cave walls. The hypothesis is that the phenomenon happens because the possibility of the pushing force from water inside the cracked-stone cave walls. Nam Hu Hai Jai is located at Pa Pong subdistrict, Muang district, Mae Hong Son. It takes about 3 to 4 hours by walking from Ban Houy Nam Mae Sa Gid to get there.

Nong Kiew
Its geography is plains on ridge hills and pine forests. The plains are as large as 200 rai. To get there, you have to walk on the trail from Mae Surin Waterfall for about 2 hours.

Pa Bong Waterfall (Dum Kon Waterfall)
This site is 12 kilometers far from Mae Hong Son city 12. The 3-tier cascade, water originated from Dum Kon Brook, plummets water from 40 meters above. Interestingly, there is a separated small waterfall beside. The water runs throughout the year.

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