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Pai River
The Pai River originates in the Thanon Thongchai and Daen Lao mountains and is 180 kilometers in length. The river runs through a number of provinces in Mae Hong Son and because of swift flowing waters during Thailand?s rainy season, it has become a destination of choice for white water rafters. Rafting takes place throughout the length of the river, and most tours are half- or full day. As it is the only route into Mae Hong Son?s main wildlife sanctuary, rafting the river offers a pretty unique experience. The full length of the river offers around fifteen sets of rapids passing waterfalls (the Suza Waterfall is of particular interest) and hot springs. Tours can be organized from guesthouses and hotels in and around Mae Hong Son, but they can also be booked in advance through agencies. Typical tours start at Pai River Pier. Some tours stop at Kairang Padawang Kekongdu ? a village inhabited by long-neck women on the Thai-Burmese border. Trips to the Thai- Myanmar often leave from Ban Huai Dua or Tambon Pha Bong. Trips are often combined with elephant riding.

The rainy season (mid-May to mid-October) is probably the best time of year to go rafting on the Pai. Trips to the Burmese border are often not possible because of fighting between the Burmese government and Shan armies.

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