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Wat Klang Wiang
Previously called Wat Chantalok after the huge red “chan” tree once grown here, this is where the founding city pillar is located. However, during the modern-day mapping process, it was revealed that this temple is situated at the exact center-point of the city. The city pillar was thus erected, and the temple was renamed “Wat Chan Lok Klang Wiang”. In 1903, a big gale destroyed the “chan” tree, main prayer hall (ubosot), and an assembly hall (wihan). The name of the temple was thus reduced to Wat Klang Wiang.

In 1992, a new city pole was erected to replace the old one which had long collapsed. A mondop topped with a spire was built to protect the pillar from eroding elements, with a statue of the mythical Guardian Angle (called Thao Chatu Lokaban) to protect the city's birthplace according to Lanna beliefs. A chedi was built where the chan tree once stood. The statuettes of fully attired elephants stand around the base of the chedi. The main prayer hall was also rebuilt in neo-Lanna architectural style.

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