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Op Luang National Park
The Mae Chaem River was originally called the "Salak Hin". The river created a big but narrow canyon , which is called Op Luang. The rocks and cliffs are subject to erosion by the strong currents of the river and have formed the canyon and strangely shaped rock formations. The water has to force its way past rocks and boulders obstructing the course which is a magnificent sight.
From 1966 to 1991 the park was administered as a forest park. After more surveys by the Royal Forest Department it was gazetted, in 1991, as the 68th national park of Thailand. The area supports a wide variety of natural attractions like waterfalls, caves, hot springs and historical sites, which serve people's education and recreation. At present the entirel park measure 553 km 2 and is entirely located in the Chomthong, Hot and Mae Chaem districts, Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand.
The extensive, north-south running, mountain range of the park is the same as the range Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain of Thailand.

Op Luang Gorge or Canyon
Op Luang Gorge or Canyon is a steep sided canyon with high cliffs. The height of the canyon walls measured from the bridge to the average waterlevel is about 32 meters. The narrowest point of the canyon is not more than 2 meters wide while the whole canyon is about 300 meters in length.

Mae Bua Kham Waterfall
Mae Bua Kham Waterfall originates from the Mae Bua Kham stream and is 2 kilometers south of Op Luang Canyon. It is a very beautiful waterfall set in a natural surrounding. The water thunders down over the rockwall for 50 meters.

Mae Chon Waterfall
Mae Chon Waterfall originates from Mae Chon stream. It follows the stream for about 1 kilometer and is 80 meters wide which makes it a fascinating sight. Also the cliffs and rocks of these falls, composed of granite and grey-white colored metamorphic rock, contribute to give the place a fall.

Mae Tia Waterfall
Mae Tia Waterfall originates from the Mae Tia stream. It takes an 8 kilometer walk to this beautiful, 80 meters high waterfall, All year round it carries masses of water.

Thep Phanom Hot Spring
The cold water in the earthcrust is heated up by the thermal energy of the earth and, at this site, it doesn't cool down until it is released at the surface. The average temperature of the water is 99 degrees Celsius.

Tong Cave
The Tong Cave is found in Doi Pha Liap mountain. This mountain is consists of granite and limestone. The Mae Pae stream acts as a dividing line between two long tunnels. It is said that these tunnels are leading to Doi Chiang Dao mountain in the north of Chiang Mai province. The tunnel entrance is small but entering is possible.

Tu Pu Cave
Tu Pu Cave is small, narrow limestone cave. The entrance is very thin but the cave itself can hold up to 30 persons. Water is constantly trickling down the ceiling forming small stalactites and stalagmites. In the ceiling is a ring shaped opening, so the cave is not entirely dark.

Lam Nam Mae Chaem or Salak Hin River
This river is located in Mae Hong Son Province. The Mae Chaem river is the largest stream of Hot district which drains its water eventually in the Mae Ping river. The river passes steep cliffs, knolls, and valleys, and has some islands and sandy beaches. The diversity of landscapes gives the river an extra beautiful dimension and it is possible to admire this beauty by boat from Mae Chaem district.

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