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Capital: Pha an
Location: Southern
Area: 30,383 km2
Population: 1,431,377
Density: 47/ km2
Ethnicities: Kayin,Padaung,Bamar,
Shan, Pa-O, Mon, Rakhine
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Town and Districts
General Information
Kayin State is an administrative division of Myanmar and also known as Karen State. The capital city is Pa-an. The Kayin State has common borders with Mandalay Division and Shan State on the north, Kayah State and Thailand on the east, Mon State and Bago Division on the west.
Some of the eastern parts bordering Thailand are under the control of armed groups that are said to have been fighting the government forces. There are news (2004) that these insurgent groups have been in talks with the government for cease fire agreement and possible cooperation on the country building.
Like Shan and Kayah states, Kayin state offers many scenic spots comprising of hills and rivers, farmlands which have traditionally been operated organically, in addition to the local cultures. In the future, when transport, peace and communication improve people will be able to explore the unseen beauties of the state. It is important, however, for everyone to not exploit the local beauty carelessly for the sake of income money and self knowledge. Sustainable and responsible tourism that would generate income and education to the local population should be promoted.
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