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All visitors to Laos require valid Passports and need to obtain the Laos visa. In despite of a strongly regulated country, Laos has relaxed some of its rules about getting the visa.
Primarily, all foreign visitors need to book the tours through a travel agent, and need to have a pre-approval letter from an authorizedLaos agency The Laos Embassy will issue the visa only if the above mentioned letter was attached.  Currently, the embassy consulates in certain countries do not require this letter, but some may do.

Recently, Laos authority has intended to boost tourism and allow travelers to obtain visa stamp at their International Airport - Vientiane or at the overland border crossing points of Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge near Nongkai.

1.       Holds return/onward ticket and all documents required for next destination,
2.       Holds Certificate of Bank Statement (min. USD 400.-) or life insurance policy
3.       Holds confirmed hotel reservation in Laos.
4.       Pay visa stamp fees of USD 25 to the Immigration.

Visitors who will enter Laos through Huayxai -Chiangkong Border (Northern Thailand); through Dienbienphu, Cautreo, Namcan, Laobao border ( Vietnam) need to get the Laos visa stamp from the Laos Embassy before entry.
Please send us an email for visa arrangement at: sales@huongviettravel.com or contact via Visa Booking Form
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