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Capital: Muang Sayabouri
Region: Northwestern
Area: 16,389 km2
Population: 330,000
Density: 20.1/ km2
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Town and Districts
Xayabouly, Khop, Hongsa, Neun, Xienghone, Phiang, Paklai, Kenehao, Botene and Thongmyxay
General Information

Xaignabouli is situated in the northwest of Laos, sharing borders with Vientiane and Luang Prabang in the east and with six Thai provinces in the west. Xaignabouli is the most attractive destination with sights and charms peculiar to itself and the picturesque northwest region. There are many beautiful things to see in Xaignabouli. The principal town in commonly called Muang Sayabouri, where many impressive temples such as Wat Ban Thin, Wat Ban Phapoun and Wat Ban Natonoy are located.
The capital of the province, Sayabouri is on the banks of the Nam Hung, a tributary of the Mekong River.
The province houses the Nam Phoun National Biodiversity Conservation Area which is 1150 sq.km of forested hills that contain Asiatic black bear, dhole, elephant, guar, gibbon, Malayan sun bear and Sumatran rhino. The landscape here is magnificent by several peaks of more than 1000 meters high; the meadows and pastures with flowers in full bloom; the thick and tangled virgin forests, etc.
The area of Muang Phieng, such as Ban Fainamtan, Ban Nakhem and Ban Nampoui have a tradition of agriculture because the land is fertile for crops.
The southern part of the province has many scenic waterfalls, but getting around this part of the province is very difficult for lack of roads. This rugged landscape will reveal many beautiful mountains and flower gardens. The local people earn their living from agricultural products such rice, cucumbers, cotton, cabbages, beans and sugar cane. In addition, elephants continue to be used for loading and transporting heavy items.

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