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Capital: Phongsaly
Region: northern
Area: 16,270 km2
Population: 174,000
Density:9,4/ km2
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Town and Districts
Phongsaly ,May, Khua, Samphanh, Boon-Neua, Boon-Tai and Gnot-Ou
General Information
The province of Phongsaly is one of the remotest of the Lao PDR Provinces, and is dominated by rugged, mountainous terrain and an abundance of thick forests and fast-flowing rivers. The province of Phong Saly borders China in the west and north, Vietnam in the east and Oudomsay and Luang Prabang provinces in the south. The density of the province is 9,4 inhabitants by km2. The presence of workers and the Chinese traders are here still important. The isolation of Phong Saly makes it a difficulty controllable region, therefore the traffic in all kinds of goods, and the traditional growing of the opium have acquired some advantages.
Most of the land is between 500 and 1,500 metres elevation, which moderates the heat of the surrounding areas of Southeast Asia and makes the climate more suitable for trekking and other physical activities. The forests contain an abundance of animal, bird, insect and plant life, and there are certainly many undiscovered species, new to science. The remoteness, the breathtaking mountain landscape and also the handicrafts of Phong Saly make it one of country s' most attractive tourist destinations although conditions are very basic. 
The weather in Phongsaly is well suited to the saying that it has four seasons in a single day. In the morning and evening the cold rolls in, the daytime is very humid and the afternoons are rainy, rendering the forest and surrounding vegetation a luscious green colour throughout the year.
The provincial town is Phong Saly built on the side of Phou Fa mountain with a height of about 1600 meters over sea level. Due to its high altitude, the town enjoys a fresh climate in dry season, but at the time of rains it is regularly plunged into the fog. In December, in January and February, in the dark night, the temperatures considerably fall to less than 5 o C, sometimes. The town counts about 25,000 inhabitants of which the majority is Akkha hill tribe people.
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