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Capital: Oudomxay
Region: Northern
Area: 15,370 km2
Population: 250,000
Density: 16.27/ km2
Calling code
Town and Districts
Muang Xay La, Namor, Nga, Beng, Hoon and Pakbeng
General Information
Located in the northern part of Laos, Oudomxay ( or Oudomxai ) is a mountainous province surrounded by Luang Prabang in the east, Phongsaly in the northeast, Sayabouri in the south and a little bit with China.
The province of Oudomxay is populated by some 23 ethnic minorities mainly Hmong, Ekor (Akha) and Khammu,.. each with it own distinct culture, religion, language and colourful style of dress. They are nonetheless hospitable and welcome visitors to their singular cultures are mostly untouched modernisation. Oudomxay's proximity to China has brought the province rapid economic growth and infrastructure developments, including good road access to the provincial capital, Muang Xai District.
The town of Muang Sai is connected by road to Pakbeng, a rustic town stretching along the Mekong. Pak Beng is the booming town on the halfway point between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang. From there one can continue to Luang Prabang by boat, passing stone cliffs, undulating mountains and little fishing villages.
The province of Oudomxay is an ideal base for excursions and trekking to varied sights and attractions as well as destination in its own right. The adventurous eco-tourism tours can be arranged from village to village with travel either by ox cart or on foot. Tad Lak Sip Et waterfall at Km 11 in Luong Xai District, as well as hot springs and temples at Muang La District and Phouxai Mountain are among some of the outstanding natural scenery worth visiting when in the area.
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