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Wat Aham
Next to Wat Visoun and the That Makmo is the somewhat smaller temple of Wat Aham. There's not much to see here, really. The sim is rather plain on the outside. Inside, you will find a rather curious motif that is repeated in several temples around the city.
The walls inside the sim are covered with 'instructional' scenes from Buddhist theology. The ones of special interest are those which depict the karmic 'hell' that awaits those that inflict cruelty on others during their life. Let's just say that the 'golden rule' is not just a Christian thing.
In front of the sim are two large boh trees that used to have some quite active animist shrines devoted to them. We also got a kick out of the rather wobbly looking gate between Wat Aham and Wat Visoun. It looks about to fall down, but is still used by everyone who wishes to go from one temple to the other.
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