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The Ly, who reigned the country for more than two centuries, were the first of the enduring national dynasties. Ly Cong Uan was a disciple of a famous monk, Van Hanh, who helped him rise to power in the Hoa Lu court. Assuming the name of Ly Thai To, the new sovereign inaugurated his dynasty with a change of capital. The capital was named Thang Long (Ascending Dragon) after the King saw an apparition of an ascending dragon.
With the Queen Mother's blessing, Le Hoan dethroned Dinh Bo Linh's heir and proclaimed himself King Le Dai Hanh. He retained the capital in Hoa Lu and succeeded in warding off several Chinese invasions by the Song court, but continued paying them tributes every three years in exchange for friendly relations.
The most powerful of the twelve feudal lords, Dinh Bo Linh, reunified the fragmented country under the name of Dai Co Viet and took the imperial title of Dinh Tien Hoang De (The First August Emperor Dinh). Well aware of the Chinese Song Dynasty's military might, Dinh Bo Linh negotiated a non-aggression treaty in exchange for tributes payable to the Chinese every three years. This set the foundation of future relations with China that were to last for centuries.
The Ngo Dynasty (Vietnamese: Nha Ngo; Han tu: ??, Ngo Trieu; 939-967) was a dynasty in Vietnam. Around the year 930 AD, as Ngo Quyen (??) rose to power, northern Vietnam was a province and vassal state of China and was referred to as Giao Chi (??).
In 111 BC, Chinese troops invaded Nam Vi?t and established new territories, dividing Vietnam into Giao Chi (Chinese:  pinyin: Jiaozhi, now the Red River delta); Cuu Ch?n from modern-day Thanh Ho? to H? Tinh; and Nhat Nam, from modern-day Quang B?nh to Hue.
Metal Age (about 4,000 years ago): Vietnam existed three major cultural centers: Phung Nguyen - Dong Son (The North), Long Thanh - Sa Huynh (The Centre) and Cau Sat, Doc Chua - Dong Nai (The South) from Bronze Age to Iron Age. These three major cultural centers had close and long mutual relationship, contributed to specific traditional culture of Vietnam. It''s unity in abundance.
Prehistoric Era of Vietnam include: Pre-Paleolithic Age, Neolithic Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

Vietnam is located in a region considered a cradle of mankind, one of the earliest agricultural centres practicing wet rice farming, where the stone and metallurgical revolutions took place.
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