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White Water River
Situated 25 kilometers in the north of Lijiang and about 5 kilometers north of the Dry Sea (Ganhai), lies the White Water River, a river formed by runoff from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Surrounded by mountains, the river runs towards the east.
The first impression that the river leaves visitors with is the color of white. The water is extremely clean as it is filtrated and purified by gravel and stones when running, and hasn't been polluted at all. The riverbed can be seen clearly through the pellucid water. The riverbed is formed by pieces of grayish-white sedimentary rocks. Thus the river looks white, and from this it gained its name. The water in the river is so cold that even in summer, people can not bear the piercing cold when they are barefoot in it. The river water is a favorite iced drink in the summer. It is also a love river, for the maidens of the Naxi Minority use the frigid water to test the love of their pursuers. Standing beside the river, you will view the grand and charming spectacle of the snow mountain as you are drinking of the water.
The Black Water River is 4 kilometers away from the White Water River. In just the same way, the White Water River gained its name, the Black Water River is named because of its black riverbed. It joins with the White Water River when running to the low reaches. In the book named Dongba Jing, black and white compose the world, thus the congruity of black and white indicating the harmony in the world. Therefore, the joining of the two rivers is endowed with a special meaning of harmony and unity. For tourists, it is a symbol of being no obstacles to a safe journey.
The best time to visit here is from June to July and September to November. In the summer you can enjoy wild rhododendron flowers; while in the latter period, the beauty of autumn will add great pleasure to your visit. You can enjoy the scenery along the bank either by foot or by riding a horse.
When the ancient ice at the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain melts and flows down the slopes, it forms waterfalls at the cliffs and brooks at the fords, finally joining as the White Water River at the foot of the snow mountain. The pebbles in the riverbed are all white marbles and limestone that have been rinsed and scoured by the water. As the limpid and clear river flows above them, it looks undefiled and sparkling. That is where the "White Water River" gets its name.
By taking a ropeway, which starts from Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Plateau), down the mountain, you can have a bird's-eye view of the deep and serene river valley, with the river as a jade girdle around the flourishing vegetation. To reach the White Water River and have a closer look, several options are available. You can ride a horse or yak, or just take a walk from the Dry Sea (Ganhai). The natural views along the way will help you feel relaxed and rid you of fatigue from the trip. Upon reaching the White Water River, you can taste its pure, unpolluted water, allowing the cool sensation to wash away tension and inspire thoughts of the river's pristine source

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