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Spruce Plateau
The Spruce plateau also named 'Splendid Vale', is a large meadow hiding behind a primeval forest. It lies at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and is encircled by lofty spruces. An excellent environment makes the plateau just fairies' bower. The plateau is located at an altitude of over 3,000 meters (approx. 9,843 feet). Standing on the plateau, you will feast your eyes on a vast extent of verdant meadow which is both quiet and beautiful. Every year in spring and summer, flourishing green grass and colorful flowers are all over. In autumn, the color of the plateau changes to orange. In winter, the plateau wrapped with white snow offers you another kind of beauty. Animals like yak, scalpers and goats wander here, dipping their heads from time to time to gnaw the fresh grass. Far away, the Jade Dargon Snow Mountain is huge and rises high into the air beside the plateau, seeming to overlook the meadow. What separate the plateau and the mountain is a forest lying on the edge of the plateau. In the forest, trees are lofty and deadwood and lichen are everywhere, making the forest looks like a fairyland that hasn't been disturbed by the outside world for a thousand years. The plateau is regarded by the Naxi people as an entrance to the heaven that is rooted in their hearts. It is a place where people can love, and be together freely. Legend says that the first death for love in Naxi happened on the plateau. In the past, lovers came here to die for love when their love and marriage were strongly rejected. From generation to generation, tragedy has become Romantic story and attracts numerous lovers coming here together to enjoy romantic hours. You can see beautiful lassies who wear colorful clothes singing and dancing on the plateau or in forest. They are lassies from Naxi Minority and Yi Minority. The clothes they wear are rife with ethnic features and you can take photos with them. You might also enjoy dancing with them hand in hand.
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