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3rd Month Fair
The Bai nationality has a population of more than 1,120,000 , mainly live in compact communities in Dali Prefecture. The Bai has an age-old history and flourish culture. Witness to the development of Bai history is the Three Towers in Dali, rock caves on the Shibaoshan Hill, the architectural complex of temples on the Jizushan mountain.

Bai people are diligent, simple and honest, admire the color of white ( Bai in Chinese means white ). The main festival is the large-scale "The 3rd Month Fair ". Originally, this festival was called Avalokitesvara's Festival. It was Avalokitesvara who opened up the Dali area, subdues Monster Luocha and brought prosperity to the people. Every year from the fifteenth to the twentieth of the third lunar month, people gather at the Triple-Pagodas Temple to pay homage and express thanks to Avalokitesvara. Along with the economic development, trade becomes brisk at the gathering, Finally it has become a yearly fair. In addition to trading commodities, there are horse racing, performance of operas, folk singing and dancing.

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