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The Baoshan Prefecture is in western part of Yunnan province in China. The city has 120,000 inhabitants, and lays on the road Ruili towards Kunming. Most of Baoshan falls within a tropical or even subtropical zone. It includes one city and four counties. Baoshan has a long and rich history. It was once the vital commercial link of the ancient southwest silk road.
The ancient Bonan Road winds its way up Gaoligong Mountain, Langcang River and Baoshan Old City, traversing a distance of 120 kilometers. The road is an official National Scenic Spot.

About 13 km north of Baoshan city, one can pay a visit to the Sleeping Buddha Temple. The Sleeping Buddha is six meters long and weighs eight tons. It was carved in 1988 with the assistance of ex-patriot Chinese from Myanmar. The Buddha is covered with a layer of pure gold, while ten precious gems adorn its crown. Approximately 44 Km southeast of Baoshan, visitors can find the ancient and astonishing Qianfo (a thousand Buddahs) cave. Magnificent stalactites of all shapes and sizes can be seen there. Other scenic spots in Baoshan include Taibao park, Yiluo Lake and Lihua Garden.
Tengchong County is the most attractive place in Baoshan. Tengchong Volcano and Hot Spring are the second largest in China. It has been registered as National Scenic Spot.

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