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The Dehong Dai Nationality and Jingpo Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, bordering on the Federal Republic of Myanmar On three sides, is situated in the western part of Yunnan Province. The prefecture has under it two cities including Ruili City and Wanding City, and four counties including Luxi County, Longchuan County, Ying jiang County and Lianghe County, with a total area of 11,526 square kilometers and a population of 952 thousand people. More than half of the local people belong to such ethnic groups as Dai, Jingpo, Achang, Lisu and Deang nationalities.
Scenic spots in Dehong Prefecture contain subtropical natural scenes, building of Hinayana Buddhism, customs and culture of the Dai people, Dai style food, border trade and traveling to Myanmar through the border.
The Ruilijiang River and the Da Yingjiang River are within the limits of the prefecture , which have a humid and hot rain forest climate typical to the low-Latitudes subtropical areas. The woods shown below is formed by a single tree. In fact, there are thousands of square kilometers of areas that have been covered with such Banyan trees in the whole scenic spots and with the ever - green vegetation, constructing a unique subtropical rain forest scene.
Colourful and diversified customs of Dai, Jingpo, Deang and Achang ethnic groups of the frontier areas are best presented in those scenic spots , thus offering a lot of exotic sights for tourists to see. With the development of the border-trade, local land ports in Wanding, Ruili, Zhangfeng and in some other places of Dehong Prefecture have either become state - level ports or provincial-level ports. As a result, tourists here are able to buy the finest and the cheapest jewels and jade wares in the world. hence, many tourists have a long stay and become businessmen here. They call the travel to this place " An itinerary for purchasing jewels ". Arriving here , you can witness a town , even a street , belongs to the two countries ; you can personally experience crossing the boundary line several times within one hour, visiting two countries and their respective market places.
Through the convenient transportation and procedures, you can go to various places of Myanmar to appreciate the world-famous Grand Golden Pagoda in Rangoon and have a taste of the exotic scenes and folklore of the Country.
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