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Dali Festivals
Sanyue Jie (25, March)
The biggest festival for trading, people sale all kinds of products like food, clothe, medicine, animals shy;from all over China. It also has traditional dancing and singing competition and horse racing show. It happens on the big street outside of western gate.

Hudiehui (15, April)
The festival for lovers, holds at Butterfly Spring, 40mintes by bus to north of DALI, just 5minetes after Zhoucheng. It based on a love story, when a couple love each other by can't stay together, so they both changed to a couple of butterflies around a nice pond shy;Bai, mostly young people from the village all around the Lake will come in a small group with their beautiful dress singing, dancing for three days.

Raoshan Ling (23-25, April)
A day to remember a good king and to "Benazhu"-Duan zongbang(who holds the highest rank between all the Benzhu around Dali). It holds at the bottom of hillside, farmers just finished planting rice, whether is hot. A good break from fields work. Bai people (most are old people) all dress new and make up happily, old lady and man wear colored sunglasses. Many shows of singing and dancing, together with praying and cooking all will happen in the fields and woods.

Huoba Jie (25,June)
The torch festival, the Bai, Yi, Mosuo, Naxi all celebrate it in different area of Yunnan. The biggest torch in the village center can be over 10meters; all the children will have small ones to play in their hands. Fire always is a good sign in minority stories; symbolize good future, good luck.

Yutang Hui ( 15, Aug)
This is animal fair, lasts a week. People are coming from a long way: Sichuan, Tibet, Guizhou to trade horse, donkey, cow, and goat.

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