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Costume Festival
It is not exaggerated to say that the Yi people is the most rich one in the costumes among all the ethnic minorities in China. There are more than one hundred different types of costumes of the Yi.
Every year on the 28th of the third lunar month, Yi people from Dayao County will hold a Costume Festival. On the festival , the Yi girls get together at the arena, with every one taking several sets of dresses with her. They dance in a circle as the young fellows accompany with Yueqin and Suona (two Chinese traditional musical instruments). There are several breaks during the dancing. Every time after the break, the girls will give you a brand-new eyesight by putting on another set of new dress. It is actually a way for girls to prove to others their dexterity, affluence and beauty. Costume Festival is a good opportunity for tourists to know about the colorful and delicate Yi costumes.
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