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Capital: Stung Treng
Location: Eastern
Area: 11,092 km2
Population: 81,074
Density: 7.3 /km2
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Town and Districts
Sesan , Siem Bouk , Siem Pang , Stung Treng ,Thala Barivat
General Information
Stung Treng is a northern province of Cambodia. Formerly called Xieng Teng, it was a part of Khmer Empire, then the Lao kingdom of Lan Xang and later the Lao kingdom of Champassack. It was ceded to Cambodia again during the period of French Indochina.
The province of Stung Treng covering an area of 11,092 km2, is sparsely populated area. It borders Lao to the north, Ratanakiri to the east, Preah Vihear to the west and Kratie and Kompong Thom to the south. The province is divided into five district, 34 communes and 128 villages. Stung Treng is a unique province quite distinct from other Cambodian provinces in the Mekong basin. It is characterized by extensive forest cover, intersecting rivers and streams, and low population density. The population of Stung Treng constitutes just 0.7% of Cambodia's population. The population density is 7 people per square kilometer, which is nine times less than the national density. As the population is low and the province is endowed with natural resources, the in-migration rate is very high. This fact has been proven by the population census in 1998, which shows that 19.4% of the province's population has migrated from outside, of which male migrants constitute 55%. The most commonly stated reasons for in-migration were moving with family, followed by searching for livelihood. Similar with other provinces, the female population is higher than the male population. The result of the census in 1998 demonstrates that 50.5% of the population is female. In Stung Treng, about 79.4% of the population are involved in the agriculture sector. The secondary and tertiary sectors account for 2.4% and 18.2% respectively.
This remote province looks set to become a major commercial crossroads for trade between Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Currently, it is a forgotten place, but once the roads south are finished, it will once again be plugged intot the rest of the country. Much of Stung Treng's traffic travels by water, as several major rivers transverse the province, including Tonle Kong, Tonle San, Tonle Srepok and of course the Mekong. However, the roads are improving and NH78 east of Ratanakiri is now in very reasonable shape. 
The number of visitor attractions are extremely limited for now, but as tourism takes off elsewhere in Cambodia, it is possible that boat trips up the Mekong's tributaries will be a different way to see some remote areas. The population of Stung Treng includes several minority groups and the western chunk of massive Virachey National Park, accessible from Siem Pang .
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