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Capital: Banlung
Location: Eastern
Area: 10,782 km2
Population: 94,243
Density: 8.7 /km2
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Town and Districts
Andoung Meas , Ban Lung , Bar Kaev, Koun Mom , Lumphat ,Ou Chum ,Ou Ya Dav , Ta Veaeng , Veun Sai
General Information
Ratanakiri is a province in Northeastern Cambodia. The word "Ratanakiri" is a derivative of two Cambodian words, combined to mean "place of gems and mountains."  The word comes from the Sanskrit word Ratna (gem) and giri (mountain). It?s capital, Banlung, is located in the central highlands of the province, approximately 365 miles (586 kilometers) from Phnom Penh. Lomphat, a small town in the southern plains, is the former capital of Ratanakiri. The province is a popular destination for thousands of tourist every year. 
The ethnic minorities, elephants, waterfalls and jungle combine to make this one of the most popular provinces in the North east of Cambodia. Many of the inhabitants come from minority groups known as Khmer Loeur (Upper Khmer), including Kreung, Tompuoun and Jarai. These tribes each have their own distinct language and customs, although today they dress as most other poor Cambodians. This may be a blessing in disguise, as it may spare the tourist onslaught seen in northern Thailand. There is also a large Loa population throughout the province and many languages will be heard in the villages such as Voen Sai. 
Rubber used to be a large industry up here, but these days it looks to be gem mining and tourism that form the lifeblood of the province. There is good quality zircon mined in several parts of the province nd the prices are low compared to the west. However, in the long run, tourism is the future thanks to the abundant natural attractions the province has been blessed with Boeng Yeak Lom volcanic lake is outstanding, but in time the massive Virachay National Park may prove popular. 
Roads in Ratanakiri are not as impressive as the sights - dry season means dust, wet season means mud, take your pick. Boats are a popular means of transport for scenic trips but the province is too isolated to make travel into Stung Treng a realistic option.
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