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Preah Theat Teuk Chha Temple
This structure is located at Thmor Da village, Boeung Peay Commune and at Thmey village, Kroch Commune, Prey Chhor District in distance of 39 kilometers from the provincial town. The resort was organized in AD 1005 during the reign of King, Sorya VarmanI. The construction of Pheah Theat Teuk Chha temple was arranged by Mr. Chung Chheal (Cheak Teak Kho Leah or Dr. Lak Sin Trak); the place of Pheah Theat Teuk Chha called Srey Kon Trei Svarak; the two Buddhist statues called Bornesvarak and and Sorak Svati; in front of the temple, there is another temple, the small residence of angel. In the Preah Theat Teuk Chha resort, there are 551 small temples characterizing Buddhism and Brahmanism. King, Sorya Varman I agreed with the proposal set up, and he contributed a lot of his own properties to construct the temple. Dr. Chung Chheal or Dr. Lak Sey Trak started constructing the temple with his property and his intellect as well as encouraging people to contribute their property. In the middle of the big temple, there is Linga of Siva called Srey Pheak Tre Svarak flanked by two statues, namely: Bo Rak Me Svarak and Sorak Svati. At the East, in front of the Linga, there is another small cavern, the angel resident, now the cavern is dumped by stones in the forest, at the canal of the waterfall, there ins only one door-frame remains to proof the fact. At the right hand side of the temple, the architect takes measure to excavate a large pond called Leakin Trak Dak, in the middle of the pond, a golden Linga was built. At the surrounding of the area, there is a wealthy village, in which the neighboring people gathered to live; so the atmosphere of this new city is crowded and cheerful. After the arrangement of this new city finished, Dr. Leak Sin Trak brought news to inform the King, Sorya Varman; the king went to splendidly inaugurate this place in AD 1025; at the inauguration ceremony, the king provided resources like equipment, 29 soldiers, rice field around the temple, all ponds and big courts for festival celebration or decorating furniture. Also, the king named this place Leaksin Trak Bot abiding by the name of the Doctor, the builder. Then, due to the change of history, this place became the sacrificing place for religions because from reign to reign, the kings clings to different religions, some cling to Brahmanism, some cling to Teravada Buddhism and some cling to Buddhism. So the temple of Preah Theat Teuk Chha has until 551 temples included Buddhism and Brahmanism temples as well as the temples for keeping statues of heroes who have sacrificed their lives to the nation. The war destroyed everything and seriously damaged temples some temples do not exist names and figure. Nowadays, people and monk have participatorily tried to search for location, names and fundamental location of old temples in order to have them renovated. Some of those renovated temples made of wood with tile roofing and some made of concrete. By - the research, we can recognize names of temples in this area: - Pros Temple - Trung Nhean Temple - Srey Temple - Kak Bil Phors Temple - Preah Chol Nipean Temple - Pheak Kalis Temple - Preah Pisnuo Ka Temple - Neak Ta Dom Bang Kra Hom - Lok Yeay Pey Sakha Temple - Preah Chenh Sang Phnuos - Lok Yeay Tep Pol Metorp Temple - Dom Rei Sam Poan Temple - Tray Phup Temple - Tum Leay Sak Temple - Pirut Thei Temple - Tum Leay Sak Temple - Preah Ko Temple - Preah Ang Kat Preah Phnuong - Moha Cheat Temple - Seah Chun Preah Ang Temple - Pothi Thlok Temple - Mokot Tip Temple - Bopha Phuong Temple - Sang Sa Chey Temple - Pram Preah Ang Temple - Reach Sey Temple - Kak Bil Riech Temple - Koyang Sak Temple - Preah Keo Riech Trop Temple - Tang Ta Hor Temple - Sovana Phum Temple - Srah Srang comprised of three: - Preah Yuma Riech Temple Sras Ak Phi Thorm - Chak Tro Loak Kbal Buon Temple -Srah Much Lin -Preah Reach Nou Temple - Srah Bak Ni - Sdach Khmeng Temple - Preah Ream Thleng Sor Temple - Eisey Sros Sray Temple - Preah Reach Nou Temple - Krola Hom Kong Temple.
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